Use those FREE resources!

Let’s face it, we ALL love a deal! As a single homeschooling Mom, I especially love a deal that allows me and my kiddo to enjoy an afternoon of learning for FREE!!

If you have not heard about the museum passes by now, you will want to check out this resource that is offered through the Bucks County Library services. Although we get our passes through the Free Library of New Hope, they are available at various branches.

Be sure and click on the link above to see all the wonderful offerings available for your family!

Please, feel free to share your experience if you’ve visited one of these museums with these passes!

So far during these colder months we have visited:

The Museum of The American Revolution 

The Museum Experience

From the early stirrings of unrest in Boston to the opening shots of the War of Independence, and from signing of the Declaration of Independence to the creation of the American Republic, the Museum’s core exhibition explores the ideas, events, and legacies of America’s revolutionary beginnings.


Pearl S. Buck House

The Museum Experience

You will learn more about Pearl S. Buck’s legacy of bridging cultures and changing lives through intercultural education, and humanitarian aid.

This is a National Historic Landmark.


Our most recent visit was to

The Moravian Tile Works

The Museum Experience

The Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, a National Historic Landmark, is maintained as a “working history” museum by Pennsylvania’s County of Bucks, Department of Parks and Recreation. Handmade tiles are still produced in a manner similar to that developed by the pottery’s founder and builder, Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). Mercer was a major proponent of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America. He directed the work at the pottery from 1898 until his death in 1930.


Happy New Year 2020!!!!

So excited to start 2020!!

There have been many changes already for this new decade, and through them all I have practiced the gift of gratitude!!

The new year began with a move into a new home for me and my kids. As we close out one decade and begin anew, I look back with appreciation of what we have and a love for all the people who we share our lives with.

I am especially grateful to share this journey with all of you!

To help other parents who may  be considering homeschooling for their family, we invite you all to join us at an upcoming event!!


Saturday January 11th at the Uncorked Artist located at 319 W County Line Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040 from 1pm-4pm.

Join us as we connect with other homeschoolers in the community and gather to bring you an informational “How to start Homeschooling” seminar.

We welcome our speakers that will cover all ages and grade levels.

1:15-1:45pm : Homeschooling through Preschool with:  Simona Lederman with Nature Playschool will share with us in more detail the positive aspects of allowing children to explore and learn as they are inherently meant to, through nature. When we think of early education, we think it all comes through books. There are so many additional approaches to learning at a young age! Come hear more about them with Simona and Dave.

1:45-2:15pm : Homeschooling through Elementary with :     Meg Shupp is a Homeschool Evaluator for students in grades K-6 and K-12.  Meg can assist with any questions you may have with regard to homeschooling if your child has an IEP. You can request to join a group where you can see all the adventures her family took while homeschooling on the road!  In person and distance evaluations available.

2:15-2:45pm : Homeschooling through High School with : Emily Schnarr has been a highly respected homeschool parent and evaluator in the community for many years. She is the foster coordinator and oversees the foster program through WAGS. She is PA certified teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary education, and a certified Special Education teacher with a Masters in Reading. She has completed homeschooling her daughter who is now enrolled and thriving at college.

Emily has always believed in  focusing on child-directed learning, and embraces that there are many avenues with which people can learn. Emily is a wonderful advocate for you and your family throughout the homeschooling process. She is available for evaluations both in person and long distance.


2:45-3:15pm An Alternative to Homeschooling through High School with : 

Brad Wuerstle and Steffi Eger of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts will share with you an alternative to traditional schooling through High School. There ARE options, and if homeschooling your kids through their high school years seems overwhelming, we invite you to learn more about the Lotus School of Liberal Arts located un Upper Bucks County.

3:15-3:45pm Q&A with an esteemed panel of Veteran Homeschooling Parents from the community.

We welcome :

Stephanie(Stevi) Wright McOrmond & Jeff McOrmond :  Two amazing and knowledgable homeschooling parents with three teen homeschoolers. Always willing to help others and offer guidance when needed.

Megan Williams: Well known in the community for sharing her knowledge of self directed learning, and her love of homesteading.  We welcome Megan, Homeschooling Mom of three beautiful kids.


There may be a few additions to this awesome list!

For up to date information, please follow the Facebook event :




Recycle/ReUse/Have FUN!

If you’rescreen shot 2019-01-23 at 10.00.28 am looking for a creative space to learn valuable sewing skills, look no further than with Lisa Schull of Sew Much Fun sewing studio.

She is located in the beautiful Wrightstown Fitness Center and has an accommodating schedule for homeschoolers.

Lisa encourages her students to not only embrace their specific style, but she takes it a step further by sharing her entrepreneurial spirit with them as well.

One of the latest projects was a pair of $1 jeans we found at a local thrift store. ( These jeans fit great except for the length! So an easy solution was to transform them into an adorable and trendy denim skirt!  Lisa was as excited as her student to make this fun up-cycled skirt!

Classes are held once a week or every other week based on your needs.


Have SEW MUCH FUN creating your next project with Lisa~



Barn Nature Center

Are you looking to for a fun, hands on, and informative trip with amphibians, reptiles, and birds? Plan a trip to The Barn Nature Center in Doylestown PA.

Starting with an intro from Mr. Beaks and on to meeting some of the local residents that were all very interesting and honestly so cute! The kids learned many interesting facts about them and also how many of them got their names! One such interesting fact was the snakes tail which they can release at any section when they feel threatened. This would distract their predator who would then chase the moving tail while the snake got away!

After meeting some other residents of this awesome facility, we stepped into the aviary. Here we stood like statues while birds perched on our hands to eat the feed that we were given. This was a very cool experience, and everyone seemed to enjoy it ( I think….) !

Plan your visit today and help support this local non profit that is doing so much to help educate and share with the community!


( Thank you to  Melanie Doroshenko Scott of for the beautiful photos )

Having SEW much fun !!


The month of April started with weekly sewing classes at ~ With small classes of less then 5 kids, it is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get one on one guidance from Lisa Shull.

With over 30 years experience Lisa has embraced her passion with teaching others while spreading the love of sewing to kids and adults!

When you take a class at  Sew Much Fun Studios  you will learn the basics about the sewing machine and how to hand sew. There are many fun projects to make and most often students will take home a project every session.  Lisa is always coming up with new ideas and is always open to suggestions.

With all the wonderful projects my daughter made that she has decided to either gift or keep, we are excited to start another session in May 2018.

There may be one or two spots still open, call today and join us!




Cooking up something DELICIOUS!

Vegetarian cooking for some is intimidating ….. Today the kids saw first hand not only is it easy and fun, but




  Chef Monica with took the kids on a cooking exploration for two hours today teaching them techniques and an abundance of information on cooking a fresh meal from scratch using organic ingredients.

They started with a homemade enchilada sauce that topped the vegetarian enchiladas which were filled with amazing ingredients such as broccoli, spinach, black beans, cheeses, herbs, and spices. The enchiladas were paired with a delicious Mexican cinnamon horchata drink and finished off with cinnamon brownie truffle bites that were the most amazing treat I may have ever tasted!

The smell of the meal was amazing in itself, the taste was off the charts!

The kids LOVED the class and asked right away when they could do it again!!!

Monica will be offering an adult cooking class next month at Homegrown At The Lord’s New Church in Huntington Valley PA. Also offered this summer will be a kids camp!

For more info on setting up a class, contact Chef Monica : Letscookpa




Spring is coming…….I think?

Even though we have been hammered with what some are calling the 2nd winter of 2018, spring is around the corner!

To help get us into spring mode was Bonnie Tobin of  Tyler State Park. Today began a six-week session called, ” Junior Master Gardeners at Tyler State Park”.

What exactly is covered during this class?

  • The kids will engage in hands-on experimentation and observation using the scientific method.
  • They will explore the interaction of different organisms in a garden environment
  • Raise plants and create habitat elements while taking into consideration the specific needs of each organism.
  • Lastly, they will earn Junior Master Gardener Golden Ray Certificates for their portfolios!

We are excited for warmer temperatures, to see the perennials poke their way to the top of the soil, and seeing buds bloom on the trees!  Until then, the kids will enjoy planting their seeds, watching them grow and learn all they can to become Junior Master Gardeners!


A free holiday visit in Bucks

If you’re looking for entertainment these next couple weeks, that won’t break the bank, one place you should check out is The Bucks County Visitor Center!

They have a beautiful tree display until January 4th and they are open daily from 9am-5pm.

Cost to visit this beautiful display : FREE

While you are there grab a scavenger hunt form and have fun looking for all the hidden clues in the trees! Take a guess on some jars filled with various items for a chance to win a pair of Byers’ Choice dolls!

And there are many interactive displays that have information on some pretty awesome people from the area that you may or may not have heard of.





Birdhouses 101

At HomeGrown @ LNC in Bryn Athyn PA., there are awesome classes and workshops offered for kids and parents to take part in. We have been fortunate to share in many of these workshops that are hosted at this beautiful space.

Today we had the opportunity to learn about the Eastern BlueBird as well as build a bird house which will provide shelter for many seasons to come. This was a hands on workshop where not only the adults, but the kids were also able to get a feel for using power tools. It was a fun project with a very informative presentation to start us off.

Be sure to check out all the upcoming workshops and classes that are available to the public.



Learning about natural dyes

Today was a very fun afternoon spent at The SilverLake Nature Center in Bristol PA. Aside from the beautiful trails and amazing Earthship that is located at the Nature Center they also offer very interesting ( and affordable) classes to the public.

My daughter and I participated in a Natural Dyes Workshop today. We learned the various methods used and the preparation process for the material you will be working with.  After a short trek outside ( on yet another warm November day), we chose some flowers and leaves that we wanted to transfer onto the material.

Once back inside, we wrapped our prepared shirts ( Prepped with Alum and Cream of Tartar) with string and rubber bands, or around a stick, and we then chose which pot to submerge them in. There was Turmeric, Black Bean, and Red Cabbage( with some vinegar added). Once the shirts were resting in our chosen natural dye, we started on the loud part!!

Taking the flowers and leaves we picked earlier, we placed them on the material and covered them with either cardstock or paper towels.  We gently hammered the top of the towel to help the essence of the plant transfer. It was a cool project and one that you could play around with to determine what effects work and which did not. Some came out more abstract while others were obvious leaves and flower patterns.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon, and I highly recommend checking out the center as they have amazing homeschool programs also.