Happens once a year.

We visited the Artmobile at the Bucks County Community College. This is a visit we have made many times in the past.

Being one of the few free things homescoolers are offered that is both fun and educational, we try to make the visit every year.

This year the theme was “A Fine Line”. It featured drawings that are finished works of art, as well as those that are just “doodles”. It had many hands on stations that the kids enjoyed trying out. The sense of creativity comes alive when you walk in. The kids were immediately drawn to the sketch area where there were shapes to trace and make into whatever their imaginations could produce. The older kids had fun hanging out making rebus stories on the magnetic board.  Self portraits came alive with the help of a wall of mirrors and erasable markers.

So much to do in one space.

 This is the first stop before setting out to give over 35,000 people a chance to experience the Artmobile. We are typically the “test crew”. I have not heard any complaints so far.

My daughter left asking when we will be back, and wondering what the next theme will be.

(You can check out the link in the Things To Do section)


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