A quiet week.

  Is it just me that looks at the calendar at the beginning of the month and says,

” Whoa, I have an open slot at least  three times this month”!

Knowing that  by the time that day arrives, I will be jamming two or more activities into that “empty” slot.

  We homeschool, we must be flexible, and we must always try to go with the flow.  Right?

  This week I allowed myself to NOT feel tied to my calendar, and it went rather well.  I decided to change it up a bit at the last minute. The kids were a little thrown off by this, but they handled it with ease, they did indeed go with the flow. ~ 

Although, since we attended our usual Thursday park day with friends, the daily question has resumed this evening.

“Mom, what are we doing tomorrow”? 

 Good Night~

Here is a picture from today’s park day.  It’s of the “Unsocialized” homeschool kids ( all ages) playing a game together.

park day

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