A conversation that can lead many places.

With the approach of Halloween a discussion came up the other day about haunted houses.

Here is how it went……

Around 10am the conversation began simply by me asking my almost teen son if he would like to go to a haunted house this year with his friends.

( 10:15 am) He asked what the haunted house was that was located in the city. ( Philadelphia) Which led to this “lesson” :   http://www.easternstate.org/home

( 10:30 am) After discussing the penitentiary, we started another discussion of Alcatraz.

(11:00 am) This now drew in my six-year-old, and it also led to the history of the Island, and the mystery that still surrounds the great escape.

(11:30 am) I almost finished reading about the great escape  ( we got side tracked and never finished all the pages) :  http://www.alcatrazhistory.com/rs1.htm. We also purchased the movie to watch later.

A 90 minute history lesson simply because I asked if he would like to go to a haunted house.

Never underestimate where a conversation can lead you……….( especially when you homeschool)


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