A network of friends for you and your kids……

friend 2

When we started on  our homeschool journey my son was only 3  years old. I remember feeling overwhelmed and also facing a lot of questions from family members and friends that I was not confident in answering. I knew in my heart that I had to find a network of friends. I had to connect and not attempt to jump into this alone. I did all the research I could, my husband and I were okay with the choice we made, and we were not turning back no matter what doubt was cast upon us. It was full thrust all the way.

That was almost 9 years ago. It has been an amazing journey so far. The relationships that have been made and kept over all this time mean so much to us. It is a gift when you are able to have so many experiences and forge such strong friendships with people. It helps build a community that offers a much-needed security to a homeschoolers life.

If you are new, or have been homeshcooling for some time, you may or may not have a network of friends that you spend time with regularly.

I know for myself, it is something I cherish, and hold in high regard.

 Having a group of fellow homeschoolers is good therapy, and lots of fun!   

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