A quiet time.

No posts have been made for the past few weeks. The reason would be because of the loss of my Father, or to my kids, Pop-Pop. It has been a hard few weeks, as well as a bit of a blur. I feel so thankful for all the time that I was given with him, towards the end especially. It was also comforting for my family as a whole to be able to spend quality time with my Dad. The kids had the chance to be with him, tell him they love him one more time. They were with great aunts and uncles that they would normally not be able to spend time with, and hear stories from days gone by.  It was a life experience that had they been sitting in school, they would have missed out on.  My Dad is ( I will always use present tense as he will never really be gone in my mind), an amazingly patient man who is always respectful of choices any one of his seven children ever made. I was never questioned by him as to why we chose to homeschool from the start ( 9 years ago). He was sure to let me know just before he passed that he was so proud of me, and that homeschooling our children was the best choice we could have ever made. It was a reassuring thing to hear from a person you admire and respect.  A borrowed quote, ” My Father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it”. I found this just last week, and it hit home for me. He really was a man who lived his life as he wanted, and it was by watching him I have learned to live mine as I want and choose to.

I want to send kudos to an amazing Dad and an equally amazing Pop-Pop.

I know we all have our very own ( amazing Dads), and for that we should all be thankful………

Enjoy all the moments you have with your family.

The choice we have made to homeschool allows even more of the family time we all cherish.


Photo Taken at The Mercer Museum in Doylestown PA.

6 thoughts on “A quiet time.

  1. I wanted to send my condolences on the loss of your father. We lost my father only a little over a year ago (He died in Sept 2013 only one month after his cancer diagnosis, and it was not expected. He was supposed to be Stage 3…went for his surgery for the port and feeding tube and sadly we lost him only two days after his discharge.) so I can relate VERY strongly to all the feelings you’ve shared here. My daughters were 4 1/3 and almost 3, and even today they tell me repeatedly (sometimes 3-4 times a day) every dayhow much they miss PopPop. It’s hard to show strength for their sakes when your heart is aching so badly from your own loss. I pray that you continue to feel surrounded by a strong, loving support system to help you through this very difficult time. And thank you for sharing with your readers…it’s not easy to share such difficult experiences, but it does help those of us going through similar life events know we’re not alone. And sometimes that helps a lot.

    1. Thank you for sharing your Father’s experience, it is hard, but it’s also a comfort to write about it. The hurt is unlike any other, our father also passed from cancer. He was a very strong man, never complained or became bitter. He had his family by his side at all times. He will forever be missed, I feel him with me many times throughout the day. I think it’s safe to say, he will never leave me, and knowing that gives me strength daily.

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