A step back in time.

Many people live among some pretty cool buildings and often they may pass them by without ever knowing the stories they hold.

Today we had the opportunity to visit such a building. This one in particular houses the Newtown Library which was founded in 1760.

 We had the chance to also meet and be guided by Dennis O’Brien, Mayor of Newtown borough and member of The Library Board. He was, as my 12-year-old said, “very patient, and not at all boring, he made it very interesting “. I think that is quite a compliment from an almost teen boy who would rather play sports 24/7 than take a tour of a library that is over 200 years old.

The building we visited today is the third place that the library has called home. It is included in the Newtown Heritage Walk, and welcomes you upon entry with a calm and inviting feel. We were shown around and given information with regard to the history of not only Newtown, but Bucks County as a whole. It was such an interesting afternoon!


To top it all off, the highlight was seeing an original book that was printed by Benjamin Franklin himself. I have never been and may never be again in such close proximity (without some type of plexiglass between me and the book) to such a very cool piece of history.


024If ever you are in the Newtown PA area, you should make this a stop.

This is a private library and you are welcome to become a member for a small yearly fee.

Please check out the website for more information, http://newtownlibrarycompany.org/

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