Down at the station…..


We took a trip to a cute place that is only a short walk from our home. Joe’s Train Station located in Feasterville PA was the place to be for the younger kids in our local homeschool group. My daughter (6) let me know that it was SO MUCH FUN, a great place to be. It seemed that all the kids would have agreed.  Starting with a story which covered the various train cars and their jobs, then off to different stations that were set up for the kids to enjoy that included steam engine races against one another, building at the train tables, and a craft for those that could pull away from the trains themselves. The highlight for the kids was being able to watch the train go around a set up village and activate the features by pushing buttons on the outside of the platform. Attached to the Steam engine was a hidden camera that caught the delight on the kids’ faces as it passed them by and showed it on the TV monitor for all of the Moms to see. If your child enjoys trains, young or old this would be a great place to visit.  It was a 90 minute train exploration. The ages that participated with our group ranged from 3 up to 7. There is an actual retail store just one shop up that may  be of interest to older siblings to check out, just as a FYI.




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