Out and about in Bethlehem….

We had the unique opportunity to visit and tour Channel 39 PBS station. Since it was a rare chance to get such a  tour, we were sure not to miss it. Considering it was a 90 minute drive to get there, we were also sure to make a day of it in town.

Never having traveled to the PBS station, I was amazed when we arrived to see the location of the facility.

Talk about an authentic piece of history ! We were in awe of the large stacks, and buildings that were surrounding us. It was such a wonderful place to see.   http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/talesofthetowpath/lehigh-canal/bethlehem/

Once inside, we were given a brief introduction of the PBS station and told some very interesting facts about the area. We were taken on a tour of the studio and control areas. We were able to take a sneak peek at where the “behind the scenes magic” happens. The kids enjoyed themselves, and our very kind guides Grover Silcox and Brittany Garzillo were amazing.

They are also the hosts for the program “Focus” which can be seen on PBS on Friday evenings at 7:30 PM.

After our very cool tour we decided to make a day of it and headed across the bridge to Main Street in Bethlehem. It was such a wonderful afternoon. We took in all the history that the town has to offer, visited many local small businesses, and met some amazing people.

Another awesome day to be a homeschooler………

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