Always something happening at your local library !

Homeschoolers = Libraries

I have to admit, there was a time in my life when I would take my children “library hopping”.  I’m not the only person that gets excited when they walk into a new uncharted library…….
 There was a tinge of sadness when I realized that I had visited all the libraries in my area. I remember going to one that  had  just finished remodeling the kids area, it was the best afternoon spent in a library for both my kids and I, (who at the time were ages 8 and 2).  As they have grown I find that we don’t frequent libraries as often as we used to.  I did take advantage of a free program last week for my daughter though, and she certainly enjoyed it. I also signed her up for another event that happens once a month.
It’s funny how you sometimes put aside such great resources, only to come back to them and be reminded that libraries are something we should always be grateful for.  In the technological age that we are in, we tend to gather resources from home, but Bucks County Libraries have wonderful programs to offer.
~Be sure to check them out~ 



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