A month gone by….

It amazes me when I sit back and realize just how much time has gone by and I have not even written one word on my blog. Some would wonder if maybe we have gone into hibernation.

With the deep freeze that we were hit with, or as it is now known as…..

 ” The Polar Vortex”.

  I have to admit going out was not a top priority.

So what did we do in February and the start of March?

Well, besides trying to build the biggest sled hill ever in our own backyard ( which was a bit of a failure)… we shoveled…A LOT.

I also entered another stage of life with kids.

The teen years.

In celebration of this, (and the fact that both my husband and son despise the cold), they took a road trip to Florida for 10 days. It was a memorable journey spent watching plenty of baseball, relaxing on the beach, and adding many miles to the odometer.

It was a road trip that allowed them to see much more than they would have by air.

While away it was party time for my daughter and I. A Frozen themed party  that was both fun as well as a challenge, considering anything that had to do with the movie was not available for purchase. It was a test to see what the two of us could come up with. The ideas we dished out were pretty cool ( no pun intended). The cake, an absolute highlight was gifted by a dear friend who went above and beyond her decorating abilities. Cake 5

All and all, even with the polar plunge happening daily, it was not so bad. It is a state of mind for some and for others it is about getting out of dodge for a little respite. Which is another added bonus to the flexible life we homeschoolers have.

March is finally here. I was able to take pictures of  a bumble bee buzzing in the crocuses just a couple of days ago, and yes those very flowers are now sitting under a coating of white. I hope they re-visit once it is all gone.  360Spring is only a few days away…..I hope.

We have had fun this winter, but we are anxious to move into the warmer weather and shed all the scarves and mittens.

In connection with my son now becoming a teen please note the new MeetUp group that has been added. For your convenience here is the link : http://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-fun-for-Homeschooled-Teens-in-Bucks-Mont-and-Philly/


( A day trip we took into the city to visit the Pompeii exhibit at The Franklin Institute).

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