Wow…..what a week!

If anyone ever says that as a homeschooler you must have a quiet schedule……..Please assure them that is not always the case.

As the Spring arrives, it would for some, signal the winding down of their  homeschooling year.

Portfolios are being put together, final lessons may be wrapping up.

Well,  for most anyway……

For us, this past week has been very active to say the least.

Monday started with an instructional art class held at our home with all of our friends. It was taught by two amazing artists/friends/group members.


Tuesday was a quieter day spent baking, running errands and picking up books from the library.


Wednesday started with an acting class for homeschoolers in Doylestown followed by homeschool bowling at Thunderbird Lanes in Warminster.

 Bowling this week  included a cool “behind the scenes peek” for the kids, and the day ended with another fun class at a local library.014018


Thursday was our last official “gym day”. Even though it was an indoor gym day, being outside was a better choice for most. Eventually we all spilled out onto the playground to hang out together and enjoy the beautiful weather.

last gym day 006

Friday ended the week with the start of a 9 week mini co-op that was initiated by a friend; who is also the TGIFF group moderator.

It was a fun (but cold) afternoon spent learning how to knit, play chess, speak French, have fun with science, and practice drawing still life portraits.

013010026 030  040 Included in the days activities was an impromptu fire building lesson (which by necessity) we made to stay warm.

The kids had a great time and that is what it’s all about.


Now, to take a breath and dare look at next weeks schedule……..

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