Where did April go?

It has been almost a month since the last post.

 Although I always have intentions to share with others after each event, once I  find the time to sit and actually concentrate on such a task, something else pops up. ( I’m thinking you can all relate to this?)

So, here is a summary of what we have been doing.

The first two weeks of April my daughter spent learning the dance for the Maypole Celebration. The couple of lessons she was able to participate in were very enjoyable.  Since Mother Nature likes to rain on Tuesdays ( or so it seems), the event had to be moved to another date. We will have to gracefully bow out of the actual celebration itself.

We are happy to have met some new friends though and had so much fun learning the dance.

It’s something we have never had the chance to experience before.

What a joyful celebration! 


 To know a bit more of why the Maypole Dance is about, this excerpt is from earthsky.org :   “Wrapping a Maypole with colorful ribbons is perhaps the best known of all May Day traditions. In the Middle Ages, English villages all had Maypoles, which were actual trees brought in from the woods in the midst of rejoicing and raucous merrymaking. Maypoles came in many sizes, and villages were said to compete with each other to show whose Maypole was tallest. Maypoles were usually set up for the day in small towns, but in London and the larger towns they were erected permanently.”

016 Aside from the homeschool acting class in Doylestown, our weekly “mini” co-op organized by the TGIFF coordinator, the weekly park days, and Teen Meetup events, we usually are never left wondering what to do on any given day.

To top off our schedule, we can often been found at baseball games every weekend. Our son is part of the American Prep Legion team. It is a level of play that is so exciting to watch, he is playing by MLB rules, and we often travel to areas we may otherwise never venture to. I am looking forward to taking mini days trips back to some of these areas. 055

Our last trip in April was  a unique Glass Blowing demonstration and tour of the GlenCairn Castle in Bryn Athyn. They often offer events to homeschoolers at a very reasonable price, please check out the link for more information :    http://www.glencairnmuseum.org/school-programs/

This space was once utilized as their ” living room”.
Glass Blowing Demonstration.


The breathtaking view from atop the Castle Tower. ( which we were told housed the 1st television they owned) The elevator ride to get to the top was an experience in itself.
The breathtaking view from atop the Castle Tower. ( which we were told housed the 1st television they owned) The elevator ride to get to the top was an experience in itself.

We also wrapped up our monthly outings to the BucksMont Indoor Sports Facility until September. I would like to once more highly recommend the facility to anyone looking for indoor space to use. They are both accommodating, friendly and very clean. ( which is a huge plus in my book).  http://www.bucksmontisc.com/index

We did visit one facility this month that I would not recommend. The Sports Zone in Southampton. Although it may be fun for some, our experience was not a good one. The new owner may benefit  from gaining better customer service skills.  We have been to the facility in the past, and were always pleased, this last time was enough to make me never want to visit again.

The Teen Meetup group has had some fun outings which include:  Midnight Glow Bowling, Laser Tag, and an awesome afternoon spent riding bikes at Boathouse Row in Philadelphia.  We have outings coming up as the nicer weather creeps in. If you have a homeschooled teen and are interested in joining please check it out :    http://www.meetup.com/Teen-Homeschoolers-Hanging-Out-in-BucksMontgomeryandPhilly/ 

We’re looking forward to May. There are some fun things planned……..I will be sure to share them soon.

Thank you for taking time from your day to read about ours….

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