Not quite finished.

J.U.N.E = D.O.N.E.

Not according to my calendar.

Apparently from what I hear, I’m not the only one.

Just when you think things will start to slow down, you realize you’re wrong.

I just hung up from a phone call I had with my Mother-in Law. I was asked what weekend would be good to have a celebratory dinner for my husband for his June birthday.  My reply, “how about mid-July ?”

I am not complaining though.

 Life can be a bit hectic at times, but it tends to make me appreciate the days when I  can play in the garden, bake treats, lay in the hammock, or chalk in the driveway with my daughter during a breezy afternoon.

So if you’re looking at your full calendar and shaking your head, know that you’re not alone.

 Enjoy each moment, and just breathe……

farm FB cover


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