Our trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm

    Today we had the opportunity to tour a family farm that produces some AMAZING strawberries. Located in Bucks County, Hellerick’s Family Farm is a fun place to visit with the family. The land has been preserved and in the family for well over 200 years. The scenery from atop the property is beautiful. Especially when you have a gorgeous day like the one we had today.

If you plan to go and pick your own strawberries this weekend,  take notice to the weeds surrounding the patch. There are quite a few, which can only mean one thing……Not a lot of chemicals being doused on those delicious berries. That my friends is a good thing indeed. We were allowed to sample just a few. I have to say,  they were the BEST  I have had…….. in a very long time.

You can connect via their Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hellericks-Family-Farm/255340174534107?sk=info


Their Website : http://www.hellericksfarm.com/ 

Getting up close and personal with worms.
Tractor tour of the farm.


The slide that even the adults had a turn to go on. ~ You’re never to old for a little fun~

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