Summer Days…….

Last night my son informed me that there are only 22 more weekends until Christmas. 


As if I want to even hear about that in the middle of July? 

Looking at this year so far, so many changes have come about. We are enjoying the summer, and all the new friends that each one of us has made. We are also looking forward to the fall when some of the new  opportunities will begin.

The summer has been rather low-key in that all our bigger trips are typically taken during the “school year”.

Less crowds, less money , win-win for all.

We have taken some day trips to the beach, gone to some fun outdoor events, and most recently hosted a “Firefly Party”.

 I can not think of anything better than the sound of kids screaming at the precise moment that the first firefly is seen. The mason jars that were so creatively decorated with stickers, beads, and non toxic glow- in- the dark paint being grabbed from the table then kids dashing around the yard screaming with delight, ” I see one”!!!  After all the fun of catching the fireflies ( and releasing them) it was followed by fireside smores, more running around with LED tea light lanterns to show the way, and finished with an outdoor movie on a homemade movie screen. Throw in lots of laughter, fun parents, and great food… was a wonderful way to celebrate the mid year point.

035To make the plastic firefly glow, place the tealight inside the egg facing towards the back…( thanks Pinterest).  


Mason Jars made with handles from pipe cleaners threaded with beads. Add some glow-in-the-dark paint, glow sticks and a tealight…you havea cool firefly catcher and lantern to guide your way. 040

Now the playoffs start with my son’s baseball team. I am happy to say The LOSO Marlins ( 13 yo) are the FIRST to have such an amazing record of 21-3 during their regular season. This is something that has not happened in a VERY long time with the Prep American Legion Baseball team.  We are all so proud of how hard the boys have worked to get where they are. The amazing dedication from all the coaches is also well noted. This is a great group of kids and parents. LOSO Pic

It has been a summer of changes, and although in the beginning it was like a lake that becomes disrupted when a stone is thrown in it.

 Now it is again calm and peaceful.



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