Changes on the Horizon…..

The last few weeks of Summer are upon us. For some that means squeezing in last minute  vacations, ( we might actually get one in ourselves).  This Summer was a fun ride for our local LOSO Marlins American Prep Legion Baseball team. The boys clinched the championship and made it into the States. That was a HUGE accomplishment for them. They beat old records and made new ones for the league. The team consisted of an amazing group of  boys that were both new and existing to the team. They came together and gave 100% right from the start.

Congratulations to all of them. I can’t wait to see what happens next Season….

Here is a picture of the boys after winning the championship

number 1

Throughout the Summer my daughter and I have been taking FREE Chinese lessons at a library in Lafayette Hill Pa.  It has been a fun 6 weeks. We have our final class August 13th. which is when we will do a presentation on a city in China, Sichuan. We are looking forward to it.  Although we may not be fluent in Chinese, we have learned a lot. Upon  finishing the class, we will have knowledge of  interesting culture differences, how to read numbers up to 10,000, some  written characters, and the 5 tones of the language. I would say that is a good start.

This is my daughters picture. It is the word “FLY”  scan0195

We have also enjoyed weekly classes at a friends “Nature Camp” It is hosted at her home.  She has transformed  her backyard  into a wonderful place for kids to explore and be one with nature.

She also has a blog you can check out at :


 Starting in September there will be new paths that we will be venturing down.

One being the teen program at The Bucks Learning Cooperative   We hope to have this provide the more structured outlet my son is looking for, without the restrictions that school would place upon a person. Learning is something that will happen naturally, but if you are seeking knowledge in a specific area, it will be even more enjoyable.

For my daughter this year we will be starting at The Open-Way Learning Collaborative. . We have been involved with groups since day one, it is always a great resource to connect with other homeschoolers. This is at the ground level, and that is always an exciting place to get in on something of this nature. It is geared towards the kids interests and is being led by a group of eclectic families that have so much enthusiasm and ideas. We are looking forward to sharing in some new experiences.

We are also members with TGIFF . TGIFF is a fun group of families that engage in weekly outings and some classes. The only requirement for being a member is that you need to schedule two activities for the calendar year…..and you must also have a good sense of humor 🙂 . The group typically meets on Fridays which will pose a problem for us starting the new Collaborative, but we have been known to juggle many things in the past.

I hope you all are enjoying the rest of your summer.

  I would love to hear how the year is shaping up for your family and your homeschooling journey.     

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