Soap Making 101

Getting into a groove is proving not to be so bad after all.

Wednesday’s are a sigh of relief for all of us. That is the one day a week we can sleep in a bit later and enjoy the open ended schedule for the day.

Today we were lucky enough to be invited to learn how to make soap from a lye and goat milk  base. It was an interesting process and one that was not as long as I would have thought it might take.

The chosen scent by the majority was peppermint, and I can assure you it smells amazing!

We may feel inspired to start on some holiday gifts a little early …….


Items needed to make soap

104_5372 104_5375

Mixing the Lye with the frozen goat milk cubes. Keeping an eye on the temperature at all times …..


Ingredient List


The soap will cure in these paper cups for about another week. After it is out of the cup it will take an additional week or so to continue the curing process.


We felt inspired to continue “making homemade goodies” when we got home.

So, we took a shot at butter…

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