Annual Graeme Park day for homeschoolers….

Yesterday we visited the Keith House at Graeme Park in Horsham for their annual Homeschool Day. We missed the last couple years, but went many times prior to that.

A story that will always be remembered about this event is that my daughter (when she was around four) took a lovely picture of a goat’s backside. It happened to be what she could see at the time. Her height allowed her limited access to more photographic images. She took the picture without me knowing it. I uploaded the pics from that day, and was a bit surprised to see that on my screen…

Needless to say we entered her picture into the Grange Fair and she won 3rd place for it. You just never know…..I don’t expect any award-winning photos of that sort from this year though.

This year the homeschool day event was lacking to say the least. I wonder if they expected less turn out? The past years we went were much more enjoyable and provided more for the kids to do. It seemed as if the volunteers were not sure what was happening, and to be honest, it was a bit scattered…….aside from that, the weather was cooperative and we ran into many familiar faces which is always nice.

All and all, I would suggest taking a visit if you’re in the area and have never been here. The grounds are beautiful and the house is very cool.. You can look at the website here for upcoming events….Enjoy!


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