What has been happening so far…….

We’re moving into week 5 of the Open Ways Learning Collaborative that my daughter started this year.
It has been filled with lots of activities every week.
Week one was a “get to know you”  day that  included a tour of the amazing grounds inside and out, as well as a fun activity where the kids learned about mint and lemon balm. They were given some great information about the calming affects  the plant can have on a person as well as the medicinal qualities they each possess.
They made fun containers with the seeds so they can grow their own at home.
104_5249104_5257104_5258 104_5261 104_5263 104_5264

We have had many fun activities and projects happening. The kids are very engaged, this is due to the end of the day gathering we have at the closing of each session. It gives the  parents and children a chance to discuss what they did like and also what they did not like about the day. It is at this point that we also ask for the kids input on what they might like to see for the following week. It has been such an integral part of how the group flows.

The Open Ways Learning Collaborative was formed based on an idea that came from the coordinator, Angela Konin.

Through her  hard work, dedication, and idea of how this could work,

we have all helped it come to life.

We gathered in the beginning to have a clear vision of the expectations and we are now able to enjoy it together.

Here are some other activities/projects that we have done so far…..

For more information on the Open Ways Learning Collaborative and to find out when enrollment will available again,  please go to the website for contact information : http://www.openwaylearning.org 

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