What’s going on this week you ask…..?


MONDAY 10/6/14 Noon-2PM Open Gym day at the BucksMont Indoor Sports Center http://www.bucksmontisc.com/index ( This is  a standing open gym day for homeschoolers) The price is $10 per family.  If you would like to download the waiver and fill it out beforehand you can do so here: http://www.bucksmontisc.com/pdfs/BucksMontISC-Waiver-Form.pdf  They have a snack stand open and all the sports equipment is provided for the afternoon.

TUESDAY 10/7/14 7PM-8:30 PM  The Bucks Learning Cooperative will host an information session. If you have a teen that would like to try “school” but would rather not conform to a one size fits all approach, or if you have a teen that would like to learn by experiencing life rather than only what the books tell them they can learn. Please be sure to come out and meet some members as well as some of the amazing  staff.

The Bucks Learning Cooperative is an alternative to school.

Evening Information Session Tuesday 10/7/14  7:00 – 8:30 pm  Located at 25 North State Street, Newtown, PA.  For more information or to register FOR FREE please contact : info@buckslearningcooperative.org  or  215-512-0707.

WEDNESDAY 10/8/14Noon- 4PM Homeschool gathering at the Brunswick Bowling Alley in Feasterville PA. This is open to the public but  MANY homeschoolers gather once a month for this great deal.  $ 10 you can play all day laser tag, or if you prefer billiards you can play for only $4 an hour. You will generally find families gathered in the lounge area near the indoor fire pit . Stop by and say hello,  enjoy an afternoon with other homeschoolers, There is WiFi and a snack stand available.  http://www.bowlbrunswick.com/about-us/377/1

THURSDAY 10/9/14 1PM-4pm Gather with other homeschoolers at the Warminster Community Park located at Johnsville Blvd, Warminster, PA, 18974 . This event is coordinated by  the TGIFF homeschool group.  Maybe they will  see you there in the afternoon for some fall weather fun.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TGIFF.Homeschoolers/

FRIDAY 10/10/14   Members of the BLC ( Bucks Learning Cooperative) and the PLC ( Princeton Learning Cooperative) will be headed to the Big Apple for the day. Hopefully you were able to attend the info session earlier this week and maybe you even signed up to become a member….if so, you just might be headed on this very cool trip too!

Another fun collaborative that happens on Fridays is the “Open Ways Learning Collaborative”. They will be having open enrollment again soon. Please be sure to contact them if you’re interested in this group for your littles. http://www.openwaylearning.org


Enjoy your week and check back for future updates. If you know of something going on and would like to give it a shout out on this page, please contact us with the details….

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