A man before his time.

Yesterday we took a trip on a rainy afternoon to tour the home of

Wharton Esherick.

He was a man that brought his own vision to life through different works of art. He started as a painter, then progressed to woodworking. Although he “just got by” while alive, his work has been sold for thousands since his death in 1970. The home which he built various additions onto is quite amazing with its floating spiral staircase. The kids each carefully made their way up them to visit his once used studio/bedroom, and then back down and across to the kitchenette. It is a home that shows how well-organized this man was. His use for space could be appreciated by those that live by the idea that everything having its own place. The space itself was impressive with something hiding in almost every corner. Although they request no images to be taken once inside, the outside scenery could provide  some lovely shots….( unless it is a rainy afternoon, such as ours).

The tour is not very long, and it is affordable. May not be geared towards kids younger than 4..although you could use your own discretion. definitely not stroller friendly.

If ever up the turnpike towards Valley Forge, take a ride off the beaten track up a windy hill to Horseshoe Trail and check out this gem ……



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