Crafty on a sunny afternoon……

Today we were fortunate enough to be invited to make homemade jump ropes. What a very cool experience, one that we spent hours watching others do, and then finally had a chance to make one ourselves!

The “rope maker” as technically referred to was made many years ago based on a concept that was seen in a 1960’s Boy Scout manual. It is a bit of physics, patience, and excitement all wrapped up in one fun craft!

get-attachment.aspx-15 get-attachment.aspx-19 get-attachment.aspx-22 get-attachment.aspx-24 get-attachment.aspx-29 get-attachment.aspx-32 get-attachment.aspx-31

I think I would have ropes all over the house if I had one of these in my own home……so much fun!

SO many color possibilities!!

Thanks to for allowing us this opportunity~

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