~Winter homeschool session~

Although the NAC ( Newtown Athletic Center) opened to their facility to homeschoolers last Thursday, this is the first week we were able to check it out.

What a great place, and a great deal. 

Homeschoolersnow have a awesome space to run and play this winter at a very reasonable price.  For my two it was a no brainer….my baseball kid had two hours of uninterrupted batting and pitching practice while my daughter got to play and run with her friends…there is a nice lounge area for the parents to relax and chat.

If you are looking for a fun place to hang out, mark your calendar! I know we will be there at least twice a month.

Info you will need to know :

Pay at the door, when you go. Membership NOT required.

Single child – $7
2-3 child family – $12
4-5 child family – $17
6+ child family – $22

Equipment provided:
Bean bags
Soccer balls & nets
Hula hoops
Batting Cages (includes bats, balls, helmets & wiffleball items)



5 thoughts on “~Winter homeschool session~

  1. I was wondering if this open to people who live outside the area? I live in Philadelphia. Looking for great indoor winter opportunities like this! thanks

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