Crafts at Tyler

My daughter had so much fun making crafts at Tyler State Park on Monday. There were so many different holiday themed ornaments and cards that she could create. Each one as cool and interesting as the next. She was even able to make her own pulp paper. Bonnie Tobin is the Environmental Education Specialist at the park, and she often hosts workshops for kids/homeschoolers. This class was not only free, but very engaging to all the children and parents too!

Below are some pictures of the crafts we made. We stayed for most of the 2 hours that the workshop was being held.  ( it was a drop in whenever you wanted between 1-3pm) . The time flew by and we left with so many awesome projects, as well as some great ideas for recycled crafts we can do ourselves at home.

If you would like to know what is coming up, please check out the website and be sure to register as the classes fill up quick.

Pulp Snowflake Ornament ( We will add glitter and string in a couple of days when it is all dry)
All the options the kids could make!


Making pulp paper.
Great ways to reuse materials!
Our array of craft projects we did today!

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