Homeschool Days in the Barn

A bit outside of Bucks is a historic 19th century garden called  Bartram’s Garden. I have never ventured to this part of the city before, but thought it might be worth the trip.

They host homeschool classes once a month and have limited capacity.

Upon arriving at 10 am we spent time going to various different tasting stations. The kids were able to have a hands on approach to learning about nutrition and what our bodies need to work their best. We also participated in an experiment to learn more about our taste buds.

From there we went into another building which is where the actual class was held.

After the class portion the kids broke up into teams to concoct a shake that the brave instructor Zach would then have to sample. It was a hard toss-up between the two shakes as they both were a bit hard to swallow…..It was a fun 2 hour program that we are looking forward to participating in again next month.


20150114_122221Bartram’s Garden hold homeschool classes the second Wednesday of the Month. Sign up is necessary as they fill up quick. They offer morning and afternoon session for $10 pp.

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