Fernbrook Farms…..An Outdoor Classroom for Homeschoolers

We started our very affordable 8 week session at Fernbrook Farm Education Center.

I have heard about how great the classes are here at the farm. So, of course when I saw the email come through that they added an additional afternoon for older kids (and it was open on my calendar), I jumped on the chance.

It is a beautiful place to be on a sunny afternoon. I look forward to seeing all the changes come as Spring FINALLY approaches. My daughter was excited when the class was over to tell me all about what they did and how much fun it was.

Although this is in NJ, the ride was only about 30 minutes from Newtown PA.

( Bucks County )

The farm offers many things to the community from an Organic CSA to an Inn which can be rented for all sorts of events from weddings to banquets. ( links below)

I am happy we were able to get in on an additional class that was added and I know that we will be regulars in the future.

Fernbrook Farms Educational Center :http://www.fernbrookeducation.org/homeschool/lower-level

Fernbrook Inn :http://www.innatfernbrookfarms.com/about-the-inn/

Fernbrook CSA :http://www.fernbrookfarmcsa.com20150401_144534

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