Then there was one……

I have always had both my kids along for our daily activities. But this morning as my son heads off to high school on his own journey by himself, I find mixed emotions rising of both sadness and being so proud of the person he has become. He has chosen to leave the unschooling way of life we have always led, but he made this decision on his own. He committed himself to trying something totally new at such a pivotal time in his life. Teen years are full of angst to begin with, adding additional stress can be daunting. Aside from starting in one of the largest high schools in the state, he has also joined the football team and I am sure he may find other outlets that may interest him.  I am excited for him and the beginning of this new chapter in his life. 

As he heads to the bus, my daughter who is still snuggled in bed will soon be waking up. Our day today will be spent on the beach. I know, it’s not fair right? I think she might disagree. 

Our schedule starts to become non stop next week, we will enjoy today as the last of our chill days of summer. 

If you’re looking for  resources or classes, here is a brief list of some of our September activities.

They include The Open Way Learning Collaborative

Glass Classes for Homeschoolers at Leanne’s home studio

Hip-Hop dance classes at Homegrown @ LNC 

Fernbrook Farm classes will begin towards the end of the month

News paths, both equally as inviting.
News paths, both equally as inviting.

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