Getting into the groove

For many families that homeschool this is the time of year when you take a sigh of relief.

 You know you don’t have to get up early and rush your child/ren off to the bus stop,  worry about the hours of homework they will have to contend with after the already long structured day they’ve sat through. This is a comfort for most homeschool families. Except that I can now say I am part of the smaller group of families that has to experience both of these worlds at once. I can say that it has been both a positive and negative experience for me personally so far. Mostly positive for my son though, which ultimately is the most important part.

For me, I have had to relinquish my uneasiness with the fact that when my child walks through the doors of the school, I no longer have the ability to physically connect with him unless I gain “permission” through a security station. Being aware of the stress that can come from the strict herding of pupils through the day is something I have to push from my thoughts also. And to top it off, the added stress of now having to adhere to a time clock is something new to this once laid back,  easy flow family.

I can already see the outward signs of disconnect that come from being amongst thousands of other students that are your peers. The bits of information I receive that lead me to conclude the teachers are very much  aware of busy work that the kids are forced to complete, for if they don’t,  grades will suffer. Although they were informed in the first week that “even if you fail all but one or two classes, you’re good ” . Is that really the best advice for these impressionable kids entering this new experience for the first time?

I want to believe that what my child has chosen to do for the next four years is going to be an exciting  and rewarding experience that will serve him well.  I wonder if  the door may be closed on what once was an organic interest led learning approach  (although he never saw it as an opportunity). The ability to be able to learn what was truly going to serve him  at any given point in his life. The gift of learning at his own pace and knowing that he had time to figure something out or even come back to it all together if it was not clicking in that moment.

To be in the moment of learning is a gift, one you may not see until you’re no longer there. 

Learning comes in all forms. When a person wants to gain information about something they have a strong interest in, or a passion to know more about, the possibilities are endless.

Some teens that enter the school system may be getting what they are striving for most of all, which is to be with peers.

You know those homeschoolers are so unsocialized that when placed in a new environment how will they ever function? ( insert sarcasm here)

As is life, a well balance of yin and yang.  I feel mixed emotions with one, but  I am still a homeschool Mom who is so eager to help facilitate my child’s interests and  help her see the opportunities that are all around.

This week has been a non stop fun-filled week of trips, classes, and the start of  a new co-op.

Starting with a trip to the beach hanging with friends and celebrating not having to go back to school.Beach DayBeach Day ( instead of school day)

The first day of co-op meeting new friends and connecting with and old friends as well.


The beginning of a fun-filled 4 week glass class where the kids will have the opportunity to make various projects consisting of different techniques and colors. ( .



Glass Class Fun

A trip with friends to Columcille Megalith Park. This is a unique and very magical place. A portion of this amazing structure was built patterned on eighth century Irish ruins.

It offered my daughter the chance to sharpen her photography skills she’s been working on. (

Columcille Megalith Park 20150906_161024




Photography 101



Photography 101

Photography 101

Photography 10120150906_154647



Wrapping up with a festival where we met other families that were homeschoolers and some that were not.

We all had one thing in common, have fun together enjoying the music and activities. (

The WhoHill FestivalEnjoying new friends





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