Lenape Visit at The Churchville Nature Center

Today we spent a beautiful day at The Churchville Nature Center. We were fortunate to have a wonderful instructor who was able to hold the interest of the kids while moving from station to station through the Lenape Village.

Many aspects of the Lenape life that were discussed  throughout the day. It was a lot of information given in the 3.5 hours that we were there. Through our instructor’s fun and interesting stories as well as her great delivery of the information, she was able to make many things easy to remember and recall.

We started with learning about a sweat lodge and why the hunters would go in to detox prior to starting their hunt, then we were off to the hunting station. Here we learned more about the tools that were made from bones, sticks, rocks, and sheer ingenuity.




The kids were able to take a turns at some Lenape games which always had a way of teaching or preparing the Lenape children for a task they soon would be doing that was less of a game, and more of a necessity. 



After the games we learned how they would make fire, with all of friction being made it resulted in the beauty of a fire being ignited.

It was so important to maintain such a fire once it was started. After seeing all the hard work that went into getting one started, you can understand the importance of it to the village.




DSCN1443DSCN1444DSCN1465DSCN1466DSCN1474We went on to learn how to make cording, pottery, gardening with tools made from bones, sticks and other animal parts. Nothing was ever wasted and when used always a thank you was offered. “Wanishi”. It was a very nice morning spent learning many things, and the kids were all engaged and having a great time.









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