Fun in the Fall

When the leaves start to change colors and the first month of “school” is underway, a sigh of relief comes knowing it has all fallen into place, despite all my ( internal) worries. This year we’ve already had so many great trips and classes.

Two of which we recently participated in were through a wonderful community outreach program ,

 “HomeGrown @ The Lord’s New Church”  in Bryn Athyn PA.

It is a wonderful community and the grounds are both breathtaking and offer a serenity that we often forget exists in today’s world. My daughter took part in a meditative painting class with Paint in The Moment where they began with a centering mediation that helped them become focused and opened their creativity. ( as if they needed help with that…. kids have an abundance of creativity) Once they started, they were off to explore the painting and interpret it whatever way felt right for them. The creations were amazing



Enter the world of edible artwork, we also started a 6 week baking/decorating class that is being taught by fantastic teacher named Joy. The kids enjoy her fun style and are learning so much already~ In this class they will learn to create beautiful desserts with icing flowers, cake borders, and writing with frosting. Cookies, cupcakes, and more.

They started with marzipan pumkpins…!!

Homegrown Decorating Class

While kids are baking you can explore the beautiful grounds at LNC.  ~It is magical~

HomegrownHomegrown Homegrown

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