A day at the Planetarium

Today we ventured a bit out of the area…. around 90 minutes south.

 We were invited to participate in a homeschool program at the

Robert J. Novins Planetarium located in Toms River NJ.


Although there are some planetariums that are closer, the staff at this location included some of the most homeschool friendly people we’ve met on a trip.  They engaged the kids from start to finish and allowed them to ask any questions they had. They offered humor and a lightness to the program which kept the kids engaged the whole time.

My daughter left with a smile on her face and was so happy that we had arrived an hour early ( by accident). Because of my error with the start time,  we were able to chat with the staff and check out all the fun activities they had to offer while waiting.

They have a great program for summer as well as an array of offerings for homeschoolers. They really cater to the homeschool community which is was so nice to see.

Although it was a bit far; it was a full day and well worth it.

Be sure to contact Amanda if you would like to set up a tour for your family or homeschool group.

Robert J. Novins Planetarium (732) 255-0343 


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