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Thank you to one of the Premier Advertisers on The Bucks County Homeschoolers site, Dayle Magida for this Month’s Guest Blog.

(Interested in becoming an advertiser? Please email  buckscountyhomeschoolers@gmail.com)

Through her extensive teaching and years of experience, Dayle has made quite an impact on her students. We hope you enjoy this post from her. Please be sure to connect with her for more information on private and group lessons. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.26.13 AM
Studies have proven over and over again that music lessons are one of the greatest gifts you can give to you children! Science shows that children who learn to play an instrument, even for just a few years, reap many of the following, wonderful benefits.
They are better in reading/math and overall academically
They are better able to focus
They have more self-esteem and play better with others
They score higher in standardized test scores
They have more creativity
To read more about the incredible benefits of music lessons please take a look at this article https://mic.com/articles/108022/science-just-discovered-something-amazing-about-what-childhood-piano-lessons-did-to-you#.nwR8TzO3R

At Dayle Music, we believe that learning to play an instrument should always be fun! We use games, songs, stickers, and a prize reward system that keeps our young students excited and motivated. Children as young as four can start with private lessons or join a small group class. Our small group class is currently located at Newtown Parks and Recreation (new locations coming in the fall!) For more information on the group class “Piano Fun for Kids” please contact Newtown Parks and Rec at (215)968-2800 x239 or go to their website  https://newtownfun.com/info/activities/program_details.aspx?ProgramID=29935

For more information about private lessons email Dayle Music at daylemusic11@gmail.com

Read more about Dayle Music on our website www.daylemusic.com or visit our Dayle Music Facebook page and find out why we were voted “Best of Bucks 2016” for Music Instruction!

Get your child started with music lessons today!

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