Owls and Owl Pellets

Did you see what happened today????  THE SUN WAS SEEN!!!!

It has felt like forever since we had a glimpse of the sun, let alone feel its warmth.

So needless to say I was beyond happy to spend the day in our favorite classroom, the woods.

After a very informative presentation on Owls and an even more engaging pellet dissection where the kids were able to take a look at what tasty treat was enjoyed last by a particular owl. We had the pleasure of enjoying this absolutely perfect sunny day hiking along the paths of PennyPack. Although muddy from all the rain we have had, it was a walk full of interesting stops to glimpse at different sights along the way. The final destination was a spot which was scoped out earlier by Pete  who works at the center, he was able to locate an owl for us to observe.

Taking turns glimpsing through his viewer, we were all able to look at this peaceful bird in its undisturbed setting. Although he knew we were there appreciating his beauty, he seemed to not be bothered at all.

Homeschool events are held at this location. There are links below for more information.

Such a fun day learning and seeing owls!!!




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