Science Fun

If you’re looking for a fun and educational trip for your group, I highly suggest iFly in King of Prussia.

After planning a trip months in advance for a local homeschool group and wondering if the price might deter some from attending, I am so glad it turned out to be a hit!

The day started with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education program which was led by an awesome educator who kept the kids engaged. They were given an interactive presentation, hands on activities and we ALL enjoyed some awesome water demos in the wind tunnel. There was a short intro on what to expect from our 1 minute flight time.

We were given a short fly once inside the tunnel then the instructor gently guided us up for our 30 second high fly. Included in the price was the education program, hands on demos, and one minute regular fly and high fly. The kids all left with a smile on their face and a cool little swagbag with a few goodies inside from iFly.


It was a very cool experience. If you’re interested in doing this activity with a group you will need a minimum number of participants. It was a fun event and we are glad to have had the chance to try it out!!

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