Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve…at night….

Tonight we had the opportunity to visit the preserve and learn all about bats. The program was led by Matthew Wund, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology at The College of New Jersey.   After an informative slide show and some interesting Q & A, out to track some bats we went. Provided to us were location devices that would help us to see the high frequency waves undetectable to our ears.

We began our trek through the darkness listening for bat clicks, and although we were unable to locate any bats on our walk around the preserve at night, we did find a tree frog! We also were able to admire the stars on the beautifully clear evening . Being in the peaceful silence of the preserve at night was a treat in itself.

There are some night walks coming up soon, as well as other programs that are open to the public.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve relies on memberships, donations, sponsorships and more to continue to be able to offer such a beautiful space and wonderful programs. They are also always looking for naturalist volunteers as well as summer teen opportunities.

If you have never been to Bowman’s, check it out. You’ll be in for a treat!





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