Learning about natural dyes

Today was a very fun afternoon spent at The SilverLake Nature Center in Bristol PA. Aside from the beautiful trails and amazing Earthship that is located at the Nature Center they also offer very interesting ( and affordable) classes to the public.

My daughter and I participated in a Natural Dyes Workshop today. We learned the various methods used and the preparation process for the material you will be working with.  After a short trek outside ( on yet another warm November day), we chose some flowers and leaves that we wanted to transfer onto the material.

Once back inside, we wrapped our prepared shirts ( Prepped with Alum and Cream of Tartar) with string and rubber bands, or around a stick, and we then chose which pot to submerge them in. There was Turmeric, Black Bean, and Red Cabbage( with some vinegar added). Once the shirts were resting in our chosen natural dye, we started on the loud part!!

Taking the flowers and leaves we picked earlier, we placed them on the material and covered them with either cardstock or paper towels.  We gently hammered the top of the towel to help the essence of the plant transfer. It was a cool project and one that you could play around with to determine what effects work and which did not. Some came out more abstract while others were obvious leaves and flower patterns.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon, and I highly recommend checking out the center as they have amazing homeschool programs also.







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