Cooking up something DELICIOUS!

Vegetarian cooking for some is intimidating ….. Today the kids saw first hand not only is it easy and fun, but




  Chef Monica with took the kids on a cooking exploration for two hours today teaching them techniques and an abundance of information on cooking a fresh meal from scratch using organic ingredients.

They started with a homemade enchilada sauce that topped the vegetarian enchiladas which were filled with amazing ingredients such as broccoli, spinach, black beans, cheeses, herbs, and spices. The enchiladas were paired with a delicious Mexican cinnamon horchata drink and finished off with cinnamon brownie truffle bites that were the most amazing treat I may have ever tasted!

The smell of the meal was amazing in itself, the taste was off the charts!

The kids LOVED the class and asked right away when they could do it again!!!

Monica will be offering an adult cooking class next month at Homegrown At The Lord’s New Church in Huntington Valley PA. Also offered this summer will be a kids camp!

For more info on setting up a class, contact Chef Monica : Letscookpa




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