Barn Nature Center

Are you looking to for a fun, hands on, and informative trip with amphibians, reptiles, and birds? Plan a trip to The Barn Nature Center in Doylestown PA.

Starting with an intro from Mr. Beaks and on to meeting some of the local residents that were all very interesting and honestly so cute! The kids learned many interesting facts about them and also how many of them got their names! One such interesting fact was the snakes tail which they can release at any section when they feel threatened. This would distract their predator who would then chase the moving tail while the snake got away!

After meeting some other residents of this awesome facility, we stepped into the aviary. Here we stood like statues while birds perched on our hands to eat the feed that we were given. This was a very cool experience, and everyone seemed to enjoy it ( I think….) !

Plan your visit today and help support this local non profit that is doing so much to help educate and share with the community!


( Thank you to  Melanie Doroshenko Scott of for the beautiful photos )

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