Half way there.

This is the time of year we often reflect on all that we have completed for our school year so far. It is a time to take a look at what it working, and what needs to be tweaked.

We began this year with a bit more structure then years past with academics, and it has been going well!

On the list of extra activities that have taken place so far:

Sewing at https://www.facebook.com/sewmuchfunstudios/?ref=br_rs

Drawing lessons with Terri Waterman http://terriwaterman.com/

ASL classes at the local community college, BCCC. http://www.bucks.edu/

Various topics have been covered with online classes from Outschool   https://outschool.com/#usZbPiXZHz

Weekly recipes gathered from many online resources and in person demos at local establishments.

There have been many one time classes; How to play the Djembe Drum, Henna 101, and Yoga.

We are looking forward to a break over the holidays, but excited to start up again in January with a fun gathering at Great Wolf Lodge with many of our homeschool friends!

Feel free to share any fun classes or activities your family has shared in over the past few months!


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