Recycle/ReUse/Have FUN!

If you’rescreen shot 2019-01-23 at 10.00.28 am looking for a creative space to learn valuable sewing skills, look no further than with Lisa Schull of Sew Much Fun sewing studio.

She is located in the beautiful Wrightstown Fitness Center and has an accommodating schedule for homeschoolers.

Lisa encourages her students to not only embrace their specific style, but she takes it a step further by sharing her entrepreneurial spirit with them as well.

One of the latest projects was a pair of $1 jeans we found at a local thrift store. ( These jeans fit great except for the length! So an easy solution was to transform them into an adorable and trendy denim skirt!  Lisa was as excited as her student to make this fun up-cycled skirt!

Classes are held once a week or every other week based on your needs.


Have SEW MUCH FUN creating your next project with Lisa~



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