Happy New Year 2020!!!!

So excited to start 2020!!

There have been many changes already for this new decade, and through them all I have practiced the gift of gratitude!!

The new year began with a move into a new home for me and my kids. As we close out one decade and begin anew, I look back with appreciation of what we have and a love for all the people who we share our lives with.

I am especially grateful to share this journey with all of you!

To help other parents who may  be considering homeschooling for their family, we invite you all to join us at an upcoming event!!


Saturday January 11th at the Uncorked Artist located at 319 W County Line Rd, Hatboro, PA 19040 from 1pm-4pm.

Join us as we connect with other homeschoolers in the community and gather to bring you an informational “How to start Homeschooling” seminar.

We welcome our speakers that will cover all ages and grade levels.

1:15-1:45pm : Homeschooling through Preschool with:  Simona Lederman with Nature Playschool will share with us in more detail the positive aspects of allowing children to explore and learn as they are inherently meant to, through nature. When we think of early education, we think it all comes through books. There are so many additional approaches to learning at a young age! Come hear more about them with Simona and Dave.   www.natureplayschool.org

1:45-2:15pm : Homeschooling through Elementary with :     Meg Shupp is a Homeschool Evaluator for students in grades K-6 and K-12.  Meg can assist with any questions you may have with regard to homeschooling if your child has an IEP. You can request to join a group where you can see all the adventures her family took while homeschooling on the road!  In person and distance evaluations available.  www.facebook.com/groups/2124812227833909/about/


2:15-2:45pm : Homeschooling through High School with : Emily Schnarr has been a highly respected homeschool parent and evaluator in the community for many years. She is the foster coordinator and oversees the foster program through WAGS. She is PA certified teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary education, and a certified Special Education teacher with a Masters in Reading. She has completed homeschooling her daughter who is now enrolled and thriving at college.

Emily has always believed in  focusing on child-directed learning, and embraces that there are many avenues with which people can learn. Emily is a wonderful advocate for you and your family throughout the homeschooling process. She is available for evaluations both in person and long distance. 




2:45-3:15pm An Alternative to Homeschooling through High School with : 

Brad Wuerstle and Steffi Eger of The Lotus School of Liberal Arts will share with you an alternative to traditional schooling through High School. There ARE options, and if homeschooling your kids through their high school years seems overwhelming, we invite you to learn more about the Lotus School of Liberal Arts located un Upper Bucks County.


3:15-3:45pm Q&A with an esteemed panel of Veteran Homeschooling Parents from the community.

We welcome :

Stephanie(Stevi) Wright McOrmond & Jeff McOrmond :  Two amazing and knowledgable homeschooling parents with three teen homeschoolers. Always willing to help others and offer guidance when needed.

Megan Williams: Well known in the community for sharing her knowledge of self directed learning, and her love of homesteading.  We welcome Megan, Homeschooling Mom of three beautiful kids.


There may be a few additions to this awesome list!

For up to date information, please follow the Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/401623617452215/

TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE AT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/help-how-do-i-start-homeschooling-tickets-79560159579



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