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Trip to Mercer

If you have not been to the Mercer Museum ( you still have time to check out the very awesome Lego exhibit. It will run until January 2016.

We have been to the museum many times, but never seem to get enough. The  interesting displays always spark conversations about how things were done long ago, how we have progressed in some areas, and

how we might want to go back to the way things were done in some others.

There is always something fun and engaging for the kids, which makes this museum an exciting place to visit.

It seems as though  everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Lego Dragon

Launching the Catapult


Lego Castle Building



Look up...always look up

Mercer Museum

Lenape Visit at The Churchville Nature Center

Today we spent a beautiful day at The Churchville Nature Center. We were fortunate to have a wonderful instructor who was able to hold the interest of the kids while moving from station to station through the Lenape Village.

Many aspects of the Lenape life that were discussed  throughout the day. It was a lot of information given in the 3.5 hours that we were there. Through our instructor’s fun and interesting stories as well as her great delivery of the information, she was able to make many things easy to remember and recall.

We started with learning about a sweat lodge and why the hunters would go in to detox prior to starting their hunt, then we were off to the hunting station. Here we learned more about the tools that were made from bones, sticks, rocks, and sheer ingenuity.




The kids were able to take a turns at some Lenape games which always had a way of teaching or preparing the Lenape children for a task they soon would be doing that was less of a game, and more of a necessity. 



After the games we learned how they would make fire, with all of friction being made it resulted in the beauty of a fire being ignited.

It was so important to maintain such a fire once it was started. After seeing all the hard work that went into getting one started, you can understand the importance of it to the village.




DSCN1443DSCN1444DSCN1465DSCN1466DSCN1474We went on to learn how to make cording, pottery, gardening with tools made from bones, sticks and other animal parts. Nothing was ever wasted and when used always a thank you was offered. “Wanishi”. It was a very nice morning spent learning many things, and the kids were all engaged and having a great time.









Fernbrook Farms…..An Outdoor Classroom for Homeschoolers

We started our very affordable 8 week session at Fernbrook Farm Education Center.

I have heard about how great the classes are here at the farm. So, of course when I saw the email come through that they added an additional afternoon for older kids (and it was open on my calendar), I jumped on the chance.

It is a beautiful place to be on a sunny afternoon. I look forward to seeing all the changes come as Spring FINALLY approaches. My daughter was excited when the class was over to tell me all about what they did and how much fun it was.

Although this is in NJ, the ride was only about 30 minutes from Newtown PA.

( Bucks County )

The farm offers many things to the community from an Organic CSA to an Inn which can be rented for all sorts of events from weddings to banquets. ( links below)

I am happy we were able to get in on an additional class that was added and I know that we will be regulars in the future.

Fernbrook Farms Educational Center :

Fernbrook Inn :

Fernbrook CSA :http://www.fernbrookfarmcsa.com20150401_144534

Making of LoveLight Lanterns

We were given the opportunity to create amazing pieces of art yesterday. The ceramic pieces are referred to as, “LoveLight Lanterns”. They are made with the idea that when you are in need of some extra love to shine through, you should light the candle inside and allow the warmth to fill your heart. Art is such a creative form of one’s expression, but this was made with such a strong intention of Love and Light. They were all so beautiful and the kids flowed so easily with all their designs. We enjoyed the project, the instructor, and of course all the kids and parents we were honored to have been with for the afternoon. 

Here are some pics from the class, enjoy…. 20150120_114634 20150120_115831 20150120_122319


At home and lit. So pretty~

Homeschool Days in the Barn

A bit outside of Bucks is a historic 19th century garden called  Bartram’s Garden. I have never ventured to this part of the city before, but thought it might be worth the trip.

They host homeschool classes once a month and have limited capacity.

Upon arriving at 10 am we spent time going to various different tasting stations. The kids were able to have a hands on approach to learning about nutrition and what our bodies need to work their best. We also participated in an experiment to learn more about our taste buds.

From there we went into another building which is where the actual class was held.

After the class portion the kids broke up into teams to concoct a shake that the brave instructor Zach would then have to sample. It was a hard toss-up between the two shakes as they both were a bit hard to swallow…..It was a fun 2 hour program that we are looking forward to participating in again next month.


20150114_122221Bartram’s Garden hold homeschool classes the second Wednesday of the Month. Sign up is necessary as they fill up quick. They offer morning and afternoon session for $10 pp.

Classes and Workshops.

Looking for a fun one time workshop to do with your kids? Maybe you would like to have a class with other families to make more intricate pieces? Either way you can contact Leann Purkis, owner of Magic Glass Art.

She does on site classes as well as in her private home studio.

We had the chance to make some amazing creations with her yesterday, and the kids ( as well as some parents) had so much fun! It is always a unique experience and one that you and your children will always remember.

Contact information : Leanne Purkis :



Crafts at Tyler

My daughter had so much fun making crafts at Tyler State Park on Monday. There were so many different holiday themed ornaments and cards that she could create. Each one as cool and interesting as the next. She was even able to make her own pulp paper. Bonnie Tobin is the Environmental Education Specialist at the park, and she often hosts workshops for kids/homeschoolers. This class was not only free, but very engaging to all the children and parents too!

Below are some pictures of the crafts we made. We stayed for most of the 2 hours that the workshop was being held.  ( it was a drop in whenever you wanted between 1-3pm) . The time flew by and we left with so many awesome projects, as well as some great ideas for recycled crafts we can do ourselves at home.

If you would like to know what is coming up, please check out the website and be sure to register as the classes fill up quick.

Pulp Snowflake Ornament ( We will add glitter and string in a couple of days when it is all dry)
All the options the kids could make!


Making pulp paper.
Great ways to reuse materials!
Our array of craft projects we did today!

Crafty on a sunny afternoon……

Today we were fortunate enough to be invited to make homemade jump ropes. What a very cool experience, one that we spent hours watching others do, and then finally had a chance to make one ourselves!

The “rope maker” as technically referred to was made many years ago based on a concept that was seen in a 1960’s Boy Scout manual. It is a bit of physics, patience, and excitement all wrapped up in one fun craft!

get-attachment.aspx-15 get-attachment.aspx-19 get-attachment.aspx-22 get-attachment.aspx-24 get-attachment.aspx-29 get-attachment.aspx-32 get-attachment.aspx-31

I think I would have ropes all over the house if I had one of these in my own home……so much fun!

SO many color possibilities!!

Thanks to for allowing us this opportunity~

A man before his time.

Yesterday we took a trip on a rainy afternoon to tour the home of

Wharton Esherick.

He was a man that brought his own vision to life through different works of art. He started as a painter, then progressed to woodworking. Although he “just got by” while alive, his work has been sold for thousands since his death in 1970. The home which he built various additions onto is quite amazing with its floating spiral staircase. The kids each carefully made their way up them to visit his once used studio/bedroom, and then back down and across to the kitchenette. It is a home that shows how well-organized this man was. His use for space could be appreciated by those that live by the idea that everything having its own place. The space itself was impressive with something hiding in almost every corner. Although they request no images to be taken once inside, the outside scenery could provide  some lovely shots….( unless it is a rainy afternoon, such as ours).

The tour is not very long, and it is affordable. May not be geared towards kids younger than 4..although you could use your own discretion. definitely not stroller friendly.

If ever up the turnpike towards Valley Forge, take a ride off the beaten track up a windy hill to Horseshoe Trail and check out this gem ……