Learning in the Moment

Sometimes opportunities are presented and we can use them to teach and become involved with what is happening.

Such is the situation happening at Standing Rock . Short of actually heading to North Dakota, we have found ways to be part of this historic event that is unfolding . Through efforts of coming together and making others aware of what The Water Protectors are there doing, to getting together care packages we have been helping to share the information that is unfolding.

This is not an issue that has emerged overnight, this has been happening for many years in fact. If you would like to get involved, there are many sites to gain further information. Some that I can attest to are :




Also available is an online syllabus : https://nycstandswithstandingrock.wordpress.com/standingrocksyllabus/

Local events that also are happening:


It is not over until we stop destroying  Mother Earth .

There are too many alternatives to continue this destructive path.




~Creative Learning ~

Learning about Van Gogh at The Uncorked Artist in Peddler’s Village is always more fun when shared with about 25 other homeschoolers!

That is just what we did on Monday, this informative and fun art class with be offered at an affordable rate of $20 per child once a month. Be sure to check out the website for more information on when the next class will be happening. Sign up early as space is limited!



Continuing with painting, because one can never paint enough……..

Paint in the Moment http://www.paintinthemoment.com/ also offers classes at The Lord’s New Church in Bryn Athyn. Recently held was a wonderful class that started with a calming, focused meditation that allowed us all to quiet our minds and open our hearts. The result, these beautiful paintings.

For upcoming homeschool classes and workshops that are offered at Homegrown @ LNC you can go to https://www.facebook.com/HomegrownLNC/?fref=ts.

Offerings include:  painting, needle felting, clay creations, photography, music lessons, dance, yoga and more!




To wind down our creativity, we had the opportunity to create beautiful Terrariums at Greenology Organic Living. Also located in Peddler’s Village, the kids were able to learn about these creations and then make their very own. https://greenologyorganics.com/

Summer Fun

Arts are alive this summer from needle felting to painting. It is all about creativity. And with the heat we have had to endure, being inside while creating some cool things is not a bad way to go.

We enjoyed  fun, themed, one day camps that were hosted at The Uncorked Artist.  ( these camps are still going on through August)

http://www.theuncorkedartist.com/summer-camps.  Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.35.11 PM








Also offered were summer workshops with Paint in the Moment. Mobile workshops are held in around Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Homeschool group pricing is available.


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.38.59 PM


My daughter also learned the joy of needle felting with Lori Odher. She offered a two-week class at Homegrown @ The Lord’s New Church in Bryn Athyn. Lori also offers classes in sewing, felting, and quilting. You can contact Lori @ 215-840-9279


Needle Felting Class
Needle Felting with Lori 

A day at the Planetarium

Today we ventured a bit out of the area…. around 90 minutes south.

 We were invited to participate in a homeschool program at the

Robert J. Novins Planetarium located in Toms River NJ.


Although there are some planetariums that are closer, the staff at this location included some of the most homeschool friendly people we’ve met on a trip.  They engaged the kids from start to finish and allowed them to ask any questions they had. They offered humor and a lightness to the program which kept the kids engaged the whole time.

My daughter left with a smile on her face and was so happy that we had arrived an hour early ( by accident). Because of my error with the start time,  we were able to chat with the staff and check out all the fun activities they had to offer while waiting.

They have a great program for summer as well as an array of offerings for homeschoolers. They really cater to the homeschool community which is was so nice to see.

Although it was a bit far; it was a full day and well worth it.

Be sure to contact Amanda if you would like to set up a tour for your family or homeschool group.

Robert J. Novins Planetarium (732) 255-0343 


Local Food Choices for your family

If you are looking for a good alternative to feeding your family, why not think local and sustainable? Teaching our children that it is important to know WHERE our food comes from is one of the most important lessons we can share them with.  A great place to start is The Honest Food Club:

The Honest Food Club by Woodford Heirloom Farm is a members only private club designed with the members in mind.

Unlike traditional CSA models members have full control over what they receive since everything is a la carte. Members order their items via the farm’s online store and have them delivered their their specific drop off location weekly.

We are also working with local producers to bring you the best available local, non-gmo, in season food.

~ 2016 Memberships are now available click below to get signed up ~

<a href=”http://www.honestfoodclub.com/?page_id=374&ap_id=Thorby115″ target=”_blank” ><img src=”http://www.honestfoodclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/HFC-Banner_2.gif” alt=”” border=”0″ /></a>

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.20.41 AM



Classes for homeschoolers

This past month my daughter has been taking classes with Kristy at ArtMuse. If you have not yet been to the studio, you might want to check it out. It is located in Doylestown and is a bright and cheery place to create!.

My daughter said she has learned so much from Kristy and is eager to take more classes in the future. I can’t recommend these classes enough. The amount of time she spends with the kids and the smaller class size makes it a wonderful experience.

Be sure to check out all her upcoming classes on her website

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.26.32 AM

Virtual Reality ( hands on fun)

 Today we spent the afternoon touring one of the most up to date Virtual Reality technology centers on the East Coast. Located in NJ at Rowan University, they are also one of the only VR centers that offer tours to the public. The VR Center includes a custom-designed, 15,000+ cubic-foot Virtual Reality lab. It features a 7-foot-high by 40-foot-wide curved wall of screens that provides a 3D, immersive environment for collaborative projects.

We had the chance to experience the Oculus Rift where you were right in the heart of a galaxy, amongst trees and butterflies while birds swooped above you, or in a room finding your way around. If you wanted to try out flying a simulated drone that was also available with the use of a game controller which took just a little instruction on how to operate it.

 We were also given a chance to see some amazing projects that were made from one of the two 3-D printers located at the University. I was amazed at how there was really no limit to what these printers were capable of. Although it was a bit sci-fi sounding, it is in fact happening at this time.  Kids toys being made, Homes being built,  and even a meatloaf for the elderly…yes that is what is happening.  Food and homes being made with a  3-D printer……? ( http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/04/14/3d-printed-future-food/)

If you would like to find out more about this very fun and interesting tour, please be sure to contact the University via the link below.


DSCN1925 DSCN1931
DSCN1913 DSCN1915DSCN1921 DSCN1932 DSCN1938





From outer space to helping our human race…

We recently visited a location right in Southampton PA that I never even knew was there, NASTAR.  This is one of the premier air and space training centers. Although we were not able to try out any of the equipment that is used to train people who go into space, such as Richard Branson, it was all well explained. The kids were able to get an idea of what it would be like to have to endure such travel. From ejection seats, to altitude and hypoxia awareness, there are different machines where people can train to endure the effects of flight travel.  They offer camps for kids which would include a more hands on experience.

Please check out the website and contact the PA location for further information : http://www.nastarcenter.com

20151029_135427 20151029_135510

We were also beyond fortunate to have a workshop on one of the most beautiful November days at The Grounds for Sculpture in NJ. The kids were invited to create a kinetic sculpture during the one hour class and at the end they were invited to present their works and explain what they came up with. A creative process that also involved a little science.

The rest of the day was spent meandering around the grounds to appreciate and take in all the amazing artwork that is both hidden, tucked away in the bamboo as well as out in the open not to be missed.


DSCN1793 DSCN1798 DSCN1807 DSCN1841 DSCN1842 DSCN1858DSCN1855DSCN1860

We rounded out the week with helping fill the shelves of a local food pantry in Bucks County PA. They are always appreciative of people who can spare their time to volunteer, as well as donate food to the pantry.  It helps many families in the area. I wanted to give a huge shout out to the kids and Moms that helped out .


DSCN1864 DSCN1866 DSCN1872 DSCN1875 DSCN1878DSCN1873

Fun in the Fall

When the leaves start to change colors and the first month of “school” is underway, a sigh of relief comes knowing it has all fallen into place, despite all my ( internal) worries. This year we’ve already had so many great trips and classes.

Two of which we recently participated in were through a wonderful community outreach program ,

 “HomeGrown @ The Lord’s New Church”  in Bryn Athyn PA. https://www.facebook.com/HomegrownLNC/?fref=ts

It is a wonderful community and the grounds are both breathtaking and offer a serenity that we often forget exists in today’s world. My daughter took part in a meditative painting class with Paint in The Moment where they began with a centering mediation that helped them become focused and opened their creativity. ( as if they needed help with that…. kids have an abundance of creativity) Once they started, they were off to explore the painting and interpret it whatever way felt right for them. The creations were amazing https://www.facebook.com/paintinthemoment/?fref=ts

20151021_163527 20151021_164132


Enter the world of edible artwork, we also started a 6 week baking/decorating class that is being taught by fantastic teacher named Joy. The kids enjoy her fun style and are learning so much already~ In this class they will learn to create beautiful desserts with icing flowers, cake borders, and writing with frosting. Cookies, cupcakes, and more.

They started with marzipan pumkpins…!!

  HomeGrown Decorating ClassHomegrown Decorating Class

While kids are baking you can explore the beautiful grounds at LNC.  ~It is magical~

HomegrownHomegrown Homegrown

Trip to Mercer

If you have not been to the Mercer Museum ( https://www.mercermuseum.org/event/exhibit-lego-castle-adventure/) you still have time to check out the very awesome Lego exhibit. It will run until January 2016.

We have been to the museum many times, but never seem to get enough. The  interesting displays always spark conversations about how things were done long ago, how we have progressed in some areas, and

how we might want to go back to the way things were done in some others.

There is always something fun and engaging for the kids, which makes this museum an exciting place to visit.

It seems as though  everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Lego Dragon

Launching the Catapult


Lego Castle Building



Look up...always look up

Mercer Museum