Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve…at night….

Tonight we had the opportunity to visit the preserve and learn all about bats. The program was led by Matthew Wund, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology at The College of New Jersey.   After an informative slide show and some interesting Q & A, out to track some bats we went. Provided to us were location devices that would help us to see the high frequency waves undetectable to our ears.

We began our trek through the darkness listening for bat clicks, and although we were unable to locate any bats on our walk around the preserve at night, we did find a tree frog! We also were able to admire the stars on the beautifully clear evening . Being in the peaceful silence of the preserve at night was a treat in itself.

There are some night walks coming up soon, as well as other programs that are open to the public.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve relies on memberships, donations, sponsorships and more to continue to be able to offer such a beautiful space and wonderful programs. They are also always looking for naturalist volunteers as well as summer teen opportunities.

If you have never been to Bowman’s, check it out. You’ll be in for a treat!





What a great way to spend a summer day!

Be sure to check out all the great one day camps happening at The Uncorked Artist in Warminster PA.

These awesome offerings are a great way for kids to hang out on a warm summer day while creating amazing artwork. Bring a friend or two to share the fun with. Sign up online for a fun filled crafty day at The UA !!!! Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.57.53 PM

Science Fun

If you’re looking for a fun and educational trip for your group, I highly suggest iFly in King of Prussia.

After planning a trip months in advance for a local homeschool group and wondering if the price might deter some from attending, I am so glad it turned out to be a hit!

The day started with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education program which was led by an awesome educator who kept the kids engaged. They were given an interactive presentation, hands on activities and we ALL enjoyed some awesome water demos in the wind tunnel. There was a short intro on what to expect from our 1 minute flight time.

We were given a short fly once inside the tunnel then the instructor gently guided us up for our 30 second high fly. Included in the price was the education program, hands on demos, and one minute regular fly and high fly. The kids all left with a smile on their face and a cool little swagbag with a few goodies inside from iFly.


It was a very cool experience. If you’re interested in doing this activity with a group you will need a minimum number of participants. It was a fun event and we are glad to have had the chance to try it out!!

Owls and Owl Pellets

Did you see what happened today????  THE SUN WAS SEEN!!!!

It has felt like forever since we had a glimpse of the sun, let alone feel its warmth.

So needless to say I was beyond happy to spend the day in our favorite classroom, the woods.

After a very informative presentation on Owls and an even more engaging pellet dissection where the kids were able to take a look at what tasty treat was enjoyed last by a particular owl. We had the pleasure of enjoying this absolutely perfect sunny day hiking along the paths of PennyPack. Although muddy from all the rain we have had, it was a walk full of interesting stops to glimpse at different sights along the way. The final destination was a spot which was scoped out earlier by Pete  who works at the center, he was able to locate an owl for us to observe.

Taking turns glimpsing through his viewer, we were all able to look at this peaceful bird in its undisturbed setting. Although he knew we were there appreciating his beauty, he seemed to not be bothered at all.

Homeschool events are held at this location. There are links below for more information.

Such a fun day learning and seeing owls!!!



~Enjoy our Monthly Guest Blogger~

Thank you to one of the Premier Advertisers on The Bucks County Homeschoolers site, Dayle Magida for this Month’s Guest Blog.

(Interested in becoming an advertiser? Please email

Through her extensive teaching and years of experience, Dayle has made quite an impact on her students. We hope you enjoy this post from her. Please be sure to connect with her for more information on private and group lessons. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.26.13 AM
Studies have proven over and over again that music lessons are one of the greatest gifts you can give to you children! Science shows that children who learn to play an instrument, even for just a few years, reap many of the following, wonderful benefits.
They are better in reading/math and overall academically
They are better able to focus
They have more self-esteem and play better with others
They score higher in standardized test scores
They have more creativity
To read more about the incredible benefits of music lessons please take a look at this article

At Dayle Music, we believe that learning to play an instrument should always be fun! We use games, songs, stickers, and a prize reward system that keeps our young students excited and motivated. Children as young as four can start with private lessons or join a small group class. Our small group class is currently located at Newtown Parks and Recreation (new locations coming in the fall!) For more information on the group class “Piano Fun for Kids” please contact Newtown Parks and Rec at (215)968-2800 x239 or go to their website

For more information about private lessons email Dayle Music at

Read more about Dayle Music on our website or visit our Dayle Music Facebook page and find out why we were voted “Best of Bucks 2016” for Music Instruction!

Get your child started with music lessons today!

Summer Fun

Arts are alive this summer from needle felting to painting. It is all about creativity. And with the heat we have had to endure, being inside while creating some cool things is not a bad way to go.

We enjoyed  fun, themed, one day camps that were hosted at The Uncorked Artist.  ( these camps are still going on through August)  Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.35.11 PM








Also offered were summer workshops with Paint in the Moment. Mobile workshops are held in around Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Homeschool group pricing is available.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.38.59 PM


My daughter also learned the joy of needle felting with Lori Odher. She offered a two-week class at Homegrown @ The Lord’s New Church in Bryn Athyn. Lori also offers classes in sewing, felting, and quilting. You can contact Lori @ 215-840-9279

Needle Felting Class
Needle Felting with Lori 

A day at the Planetarium

Today we ventured a bit out of the area…. around 90 minutes south.

 We were invited to participate in a homeschool program at the

Robert J. Novins Planetarium located in Toms River NJ.

Although there are some planetariums that are closer, the staff at this location included some of the most homeschool friendly people we’ve met on a trip.  They engaged the kids from start to finish and allowed them to ask any questions they had. They offered humor and a lightness to the program which kept the kids engaged the whole time.

My daughter left with a smile on her face and was so happy that we had arrived an hour early ( by accident). Because of my error with the start time,  we were able to chat with the staff and check out all the fun activities they had to offer while waiting.

They have a great program for summer as well as an array of offerings for homeschoolers. They really cater to the homeschool community which is was so nice to see.

Although it was a bit far; it was a full day and well worth it.

Be sure to contact Amanda if you would like to set up a tour for your family or homeschool group.

Robert J. Novins Planetarium (732) 255-0343 


Virtual Reality ( hands on fun)

 Today we spent the afternoon touring one of the most up to date Virtual Reality technology centers on the East Coast. Located in NJ at Rowan University, they are also one of the only VR centers that offer tours to the public. The VR Center includes a custom-designed, 15,000+ cubic-foot Virtual Reality lab. It features a 7-foot-high by 40-foot-wide curved wall of screens that provides a 3D, immersive environment for collaborative projects.

We had the chance to experience the Oculus Rift where you were right in the heart of a galaxy, amongst trees and butterflies while birds swooped above you, or in a room finding your way around. If you wanted to try out flying a simulated drone that was also available with the use of a game controller which took just a little instruction on how to operate it.

 We were also given a chance to see some amazing projects that were made from one of the two 3-D printers located at the University. I was amazed at how there was really no limit to what these printers were capable of. Although it was a bit sci-fi sounding, it is in fact happening at this time.  Kids toys being made, Homes being built,  and even a meatloaf for the elderly…yes that is what is happening.  Food and homes being made with a  3-D printer……? (

If you would like to find out more about this very fun and interesting tour, please be sure to contact the University via the link below.

DSCN1925  DSCN1931
DSCN1913 DSCN1915DSCN1921   





From outer space to helping our human race…

We recently visited a location right in Southampton PA that I never even knew was there, NASTAR.  This is one of the premier air and space training centers. Although we were not able to try out any of the equipment that is used to train people who go into space, such as Richard Branson, it was all well explained. The kids were able to get an idea of what it would be like to have to endure such travel. From ejection seats, to altitude and hypoxia awareness, there are different machines where people can train to endure the effects of flight travel.  They offer camps for kids which would include a more hands on experience.

Please check out the website and contact the PA location for further information :

20151029_135427 20151029_135510

We were also beyond fortunate to have a workshop on one of the most beautiful November days at The Grounds for Sculpture in NJ. The kids were invited to create a kinetic sculpture during the one hour class and at the end they were invited to present their works and explain what they came up with. A creative process that also involved a little science.

The rest of the day was spent meandering around the grounds to appreciate and take in all the amazing artwork that is both hidden, tucked away in the bamboo as well as out in the open not to be missed.

DSCN1793 DSCN1798 DSCN1807 DSCN1841 DSCN1842 DSCN1858DSCN1855

We rounded out the week with helping fill the shelves of a local food pantry in Bucks County PA. They are always appreciative of people who can spare their time to volunteer, as well as donate food to the pantry.  It helps many families in the area. I wanted to give a huge shout out to the kids and Moms that helped out .

DSCN1864  DSCN1872 DSCN1875

Fun in the Fall

When the leaves start to change colors and the first month of “school” is underway, a sigh of relief comes knowing it has all fallen into place, despite all my ( internal) worries. This year we’ve already had so many great trips and classes.

Two of which we recently participated in were through a wonderful community outreach program ,

 “HomeGrown @ The Lord’s New Church”  in Bryn Athyn PA.

It is a wonderful community and the grounds are both breathtaking and offer a serenity that we often forget exists in today’s world. My daughter took part in a meditative painting class with Paint in The Moment where they began with a centering mediation that helped them become focused and opened their creativity. ( as if they needed help with that…. kids have an abundance of creativity) Once they started, they were off to explore the painting and interpret it whatever way felt right for them. The creations were amazing



Enter the world of edible artwork, we also started a 6 week baking/decorating class that is being taught by fantastic teacher named Joy. The kids enjoy her fun style and are learning so much already~ In this class they will learn to create beautiful desserts with icing flowers, cake borders, and writing with frosting. Cookies, cupcakes, and more.

They started with marzipan pumkpins…!!

Homegrown Decorating Class

While kids are baking you can explore the beautiful grounds at LNC.  ~It is magical~

HomegrownHomegrown Homegrown